The Encouraged & Confident Group Coaching Program for Heart-Centered Female Entrepreneurs

Get the Support You Need to Grow Your Business Income & Impact

This is an 8 week course designed to help you simplify your processes, focus on what you do best and get the encouragement, support & feedback you need to feel confident to grow your business, your income and impact in the world.

I created The Encouraged & Confident CEO not only because I keep hearing from women starting businesses, or women who have grown their businesses that they want more encouragement, more support and accountability and someone to talk through their strategies, processes and roadblocks and yes sometimes their limiting beliefs so that they can truly build a business that supports them financially but also supports them being available to their families and allows their business to create impact at home and in the world.

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Ready for two Amazing Bonuses?

Get these powerful 1-on-1 opportunities with Kristin for everyone who joins by March 5th.

  • 1-on-1 Strategy Call with Kristin (30 min)
  • 1 Assessment (pick one- Tech Tools Assessment, Offer & Messaging Assessment, or Podcast/Product Assessment)

I have been where you are at - for many years I was that entrepreneur that didn’t have someone to support me, or encourage me or help me see my blind spots or limiting beliefs and it slowed my business growth and often felt so lonely and defeating-but I don’t want you to have to walk this path alone- i want to be the person that can walk along side you and help you in the areas you need help.

Benefits of the program:

Get personal support for your business through:

  • 1-on-1 strategy session with Kristin (bonus)
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Email or Voxer Support

Help with Your Online Systems & Tools:

  • Get a Tech Asssessment (bonus)
  • Get recommendations and tututorials for online tools, and automating your business
  • Ask tech questions about your personal business

The pricing for this program with all of the personalized support will be going up by April 1 so join today.

What you'll get

The Encouraged & Confident CEO Coaching Program includes:

Encouragement & Support

Have a question? Unsure of a decision or need someone to bounce an idea off of? Or just need a cheerleader to keep you moving forward or to pick you up? Get email support (or voxer) from Kristin each week.

Weekly Office Hours

Sign up for a 10-15 minute slot to ask Kristin a Question or get Feedback or Encouragement

Private Community Group

Get support & cheers from Kristin & other female online business owners in the Your Encouraged Life Private Group

Creative & Bold Prompts

What's life without some creativity and boldness sprinkled in- we will have fun creative detours and bold prompts to keep us growing and getting curious.

Tech Advice, Best Tools & Tutorials

I literally test out new online tools every month and have for many years. I know which ones work, if they are user friendly, if they are affordable or necessary- I will provide top tool recommendations, opportunity to ask for guidance and short tutorials and how to work with freelancers and more to help you grow your business.

Bonus 1

30 min 1-on-1 Strategy Call with Kristin

Bonus 3

Live Tackle Your Tech Sessions

1x a week

Bonus 4

If interested get featured on one of my podcasts:

  • Building a Life You Love
  • Spark of Faith
  • Creative Income Coach

Bonus 2

Personalized Assessment (Pick ONE: Tech Tools, Podcast, or Messaging & Offer) 

  • Tech Tools: Kristin will review your online tech tools and recommend any changes, or improvements

  • Podcast Review:  Kristin will review your podcast or WIP podcast and give you feedback

  • Messaging/Offer:  Kristin will review your message and offer and provide suggestionsHow will you keep your website current? Find out by reading about website upkeep.

Ready to feel supported and experience the breakthroughs you've been working towards?

See what folks say about working with Kristin:

"You are Brilliant and a Breathe of Fresh Air."

Suzi N | Spectrum Parents

You were fantastic at holding container, allowing me to walk through my ideas at hand against my skills & then helping me imagine how they felt in my heart & it brought me clarity. You encouraged me to showing up in small ways, consistently. You also suggested a next action step. So you had your Coaching hat on with that 10% consulting hat too. I felt motivated & a great sense of validation.


I think you rock. I have mentioned your name frequently to others in the group because you've helped me immensely, especially on the wording of my offer. You have a unique ability to synthesize information and your questions really drew the answers out of me. You helped me gain confidence in that I have all of the tools within, I just need to tap that source and you provide that gentle "tapping", if you will. I know what I know but you bring it out so much more succinctly. I get caught up in the words and you help me narrow things down. Thank you so much for that!


Thanks Kristin! Your guidance is awesome! I love the way you don’t let me fall through the cracks. Honestly, it’s because of you that I’m still here, in this program, more motivated than ever to make it work!! Your personal attention and caring has made all the difference. Thank you 100 times over! 

B Gandal

Coaching & Support for Female CEOs & Solopreneurs

A Word From Kristin

If you are ready to get the support you deserve and the encouragement you need to get clear on your goals, strategy and systems then The Encouraged & Confident CEO is for you.

Kristin Fitch/ Online Business Coach & Encourager

Have a question? Email me any questions at Kristin @ or DM me on Instagram @KristinFitch

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